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Thursday, February 24

8:00am MST

8:30am MST

8:59am MST

9:00am MST

30D Exploring Oil Pastels Pre-RecordedChristina Dixon ** DOCUMENTARY: Pre-Recorded Video Presentation - Cory Johnson - Overcoming Challenges Pre-RecordedCory Johnson ** DOCUMENTARY: Pre-Recorded Video Presentation - Islam 101 - Mosque Tour Pre-RecordedKari Shewkenek • Syed Soharwardy ** DOCUMENTARY: Pre-Recorded Video Presentation - Islam 101 Addressing Misinformation and Stereotyping Pre-RecordedKari Shewkenek • Syed Soharwardy 30D Bolstering Personal Authority for Junior Teachers Pre-RecordedConnor Venables ** Strength-Based Approaches for Student Mental Health in the Elementary Classroom Pre-RecordedCrystal Pelletier 30D DOCUMENTARY: Braves Wear Braids Pre-RecordedJamie Starlight • Bryce Starlight ** DOCUMENTARY: Pre-Recorded Video Presentation - A personal story and perspectives from a first hand account of being in the system. (30:34) Pre-RecordedJackie Soppit ** DOCUMENTARY: Pre-Recorded Video Presentation - Indigenous Hand Games - Laughter and Healing (22:40) Pre-RecordedRuss Baker ** DOCUMENTARY: Pre-recorded Video Presentation - Sweat Lodge - Traditional Teachings (30:31) Pre-RecordedWalter White Bear ** DOCUMENTARY: Pre-Recorded Video Presentation - Tsuut'ina Teepee History, Customs, Traditions, and Heritage stories. (37:00) Pre-RecordedDeanna Starlight • Bruce Starlight ** DOCUMENTARY: Pre-Recorded Video Presentation Title - Sharing the Gifts of Traditional Knowledge (22:49) Pre-RecordedWalter White Bear ** Number Talks: Developing Mental math and Computational Fluency With Ease Pre-RecordedNicole Lamoureux ** Tirer le maximum du boulier Rekenrek - Maternelle à 2e année Pre-RecordedRenée Michaud 30D Creating in the Music Room Pre-RecordedJoyce Holoboff 30D Canadian Fun in Song in the Classroom Pre-RecordedTeena Trick-Wilks 30D Building Three-Dimensional Digital Assessment Pre-RecordedBecky Noelle ** Stress, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll: Managing Stress & the Work-Life Balance Pre-RecordedAriel Haubrich 30D KENZY MATH: The Fastest Way To Learn The Times Tables Pre-RecordedDarren Michalczuk 30D Outstandi(Ng) Science Gone Wild! Pre-RecordedMichael Ng 30D STREAMi(NG) DIY Science Stuff! Pre-RecordedMichael Ng 30D Simple Watercolor Landscapes Pre-RecordedSally Towers-Sybblis 30D A Flat Earth, Dinosaurs, and the Divine: Can Religion and Science get along? Pre-RecordedGerard McLarney 30D Zen Inspired Landscapes Pre-RecordedSally Towers-Sybblis

10:00am MST

11:00am MST

30D Fabulous Abstract Paintings Zoom Room 77Michael Shain (Moderator) • Bogdan Konikowski 30D Oil Pastels Landscapes Pre-RecordedChristina Dixon ** CTF Basics of Implementation and Assessment Pre-RecordedPaul Bohnert ! Classroom Management—What Works? ATA SessionAlison Clements • Jennifer Smith ! Ici, tout le monde est le bienvenu—enseigner dans une classe interculturelle ATA SessionNicole Felicitas • Fadwa Kharbatly ** The “Silent” Bully: The Power of Words vs. Non-Verbal Communication in the Workplace Zoom Room 82Maria Dumitrescu-Millar ** Supporting Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students Through Culturally Responsive Practice Zoom Room 86Paulina Nowak • Lisa Smith ** Winter Outdoor Learning: embrace the magic of the season Zoom Room 72Denise Saunderson (Moderator) • Christina Pickles • Andrea Barnes 30D Make do and mend – using recycled and natural materials in the classroom Zoom Room 66Ashley Neefe (Moderator) • Stephanie Alcock ! ᑕᐯᐧᐃᐧᐣ tapwewin: Dismantling Anti-Indigenous Racism ATA SessionStacey Running Rabbit • Gretchen Riel 30D Mâchitowin ᒫᒋᐦᑕᐃᐧᐣ : Finding Our Connection to Land and Environmental Stewardship Through Acknowledgement Pre-RecordedEver Active Schools • Ever Active Schools and Elders 30D History of Residential Schools, and Classroom Resources for Teachers Zoom Room 63Eileen Clarkson (Moderator) • Kerry Aiken 30D Differentiating Differently in the Elementary Math Classroom Pre-RecordedDonna Prato • Charlene MacKenzie 30D Musical Fun with Plates, Scarves and More! Pre-RecordedJoyce Holoboff 30D Winning at the Money Game Zoom Room 81Mike Ong-Padilla • Susan Farrell 30D Simple Practices for a Joyful Retirement Zoom Room 79Marcy Rogers (Moderator) • Danny Bateman ** Permeating Laudato Si: Cultivating a Green Catholic School from the Inside Out Pre-RecordedKathleen Nguyen • Nicole Lamoureux 30D Science for Young Citizens: Environmental Action in Every Class Zoom Room 65Lesley Gibson (Moderator) • Grace Wark • Jaclyn Angotti 30D Big Ideas, Student Projects and Current Issues with project AGRICULTURE Pre-RecordedPatricia Ramsay ! Sick Leave ATA Staff SessionMyra Rybotycki ** Beyond the Sash: Advancing Métis Education for All Learners Rupertsland Institute - A Métis Centre of Excellence Zoom Room 67Alison England (Moderator) • Billie-Jo Grant 30D Creative Writer’s Block Pre-RecordedDarren Michalczuk ! A Protocol for Schools to address Suicidal Ideation amongst Students Zoom Room 90April Elliot • Michelle Deen 30D An epidemic of family violence and isolation: Implications of COVID-19 on LGBTQ+ youth and what teachers can do about it Zoom Room 69Grace Bogowicz • Tonya Callaghan • Wayne Lorenz (Moderator) ** Production 101: Plan, Delegate, Rehearse, Celebrate! Zoom Room 95David Snider 30D Creating a Sustainable Future Together: Engaging Elementary Students in Climate Solutions Zoom Room 71Amy Van Vliet (Moderator) • Marie Tremblay 30D Your Schoolyard is a Learning Environment for Numeracy, Literacy and Other Subjects - K to 4 Zoom Room 64Kristi Muir (Moderator) • Kathy Worobec 30D Engaging Board Games for Grades K-2 Zoom Room 94Daniel Patterson • Meaghan Patterson 30D Supporting Students’ Mental Well-Being through Mentoring Zoom Room 84Caroline Gosling ! Développer les habiletés orales par le jeu : Partie 1 Zoom Room 88Marie-Josee Fortier 30D La litéracie structurée - comment aider tout vos élèves à lire Zoom Room 93Andre Pollard (Moderator) • Annie Fofonoff ** Your Student has a Concussion, Now What? Optimizing Returning to School Following a Concussion Zoom Room 70Sarah Watson (Moderator) • Heather Shepherd ** Tell A Story: Introductory Photo Story Workshop Zoom Room 68Yvonne Toney • Kristy Wolfe 30D Wild Wellness, it’s in YOUR nature Zoom Room 83Jaclyn Angotti • Sheri Tarrington ** How to teach humour for stress relief, life skills and fun! Zoom Room 74Ryan Hatch • Susan Carter ** An Apple a Day: How technology and the internet affect our health and wellness Pre-RecordedAriel Haubrich ** Storytelling, Food and Culture Zoom Room 76Amrit Nannan (Moderator) • Donna Ross • Sara Cook 30D The Talking Feather - Learn the legend and make your own Zoom Room 85Jill McDonald • Heather John ! Drawing, Collaborative, and Root History to Conceptualize +, -, x, and ÷ Operations Zoom Room 89Rosalind Carson 30D Addition and Subtraction Math Games - Back to the Basics for Primary Operations Zoom Room 78Kristine Hinton (Moderator) • Jane Felling 30D Danci(NG) with Elements! Wolves Pre-RecordedMichael Ng 30D Hands On Activities For Science 20 Zoom Room 73Bev Hohenwarter (Moderator) • Barry Edgar 30D Creative Mandalas For Relaxation and Stress Relief Pre-RecordedSally Towers-Sybblis ! "My Thai" Cooking Class Zoom Room 80Kathy McElroy (Moderator) • Duane Sovyn ! Les ateliers de lecture Zoom Room 92Isabelle Mercier

12:00pm MST

1:00pm MST

30D Canadian North: Ted Harrison Exciting Art Project Zoom Room 77Lesley Gibson (Moderator) • Bogdan Konikowski ** Making Learning Visible: “A Day in the Life of our Class” Photography Project Zoom Room 68Denise Saunderson (Moderator) • Kristy Wolfe ! Canada’s Food Guide in Action! An Overview of Brand New Programs for Junior High Foods & Health Zoom Room 89Mary Block • Jaclyn Chute ! Créons des créateurs—favoriser la pensée créatrice dans votre école ATA SessionDorice DeChamplain • Megan Senechal ! Let's Talk About Identity, Power and Privilege ATA SessionDr. Melissa Steeves • Anna-Liza Ponce ** Supporting ELLs in every classroom Zoom Room 86Luisa Zimich • Lisa Smith 30D Finding Wild: Place-based Teaching and Learning Zoom Room 66Stacey Doikas (Moderator) • Barbara Calabrese 30D Coaching to Support Student-Athlete Mental Health Pre-RecordedTenielle Bachek 30D Overcome Perfectionism Zoom Room 85A. Grace Martin 30D Energize your Classroom (indoors and outside) with Ever Active Schools Pre-RecordedEver Active Schools 30D Build Your Healthy School Puzzle with the NEW Canadian Healthy School Standards Pre-RecordedEver Active Schools • Canadian Healthy Schools Alliance ! Our Shared History, Our Shared Future: A Brief Introduction to Treaties ATA SessionLeslee Mills • Crystal Clark ! The History and Legacy of Residential Schools ATA SessionStacey Running Rabbit • Annette Fox-Bruised Head 30D Write On: Hands-On Activities To Get Your Students Going Zoom Room 79Miranda Krogstad 30D Maker Technology in Your ATA Library ATA Staff SessionATA Library 30D The Power of Using Structure and Mastery to Create Excitement in Your Math Class Pre-RecordedDonna Prato • Charlene MacKenzie ** The BEST version of YOU Zoom Room 82Andrea Mishio ** Prayer as a Personal Relationship with Jesus Pre-RecordedKathleen Nguyen ! Counting Time ATA Staff SessionMyra Rybotycki 30D Net Zero Housing Construction - Introduction Zoom Room 75Ryan Hatch • CRAIG LERBEKMO 30D Werklund School of Education Undergraduate Student Poster Display on Interdisciplinary Learning and STEM Education Zoom Room 74Gloria Hunter (Moderator) • Cynthia Prasow 30D Dialogue in the classroom and in your team: Identifying and breaking through texting thought and language Pre-RecordedPaul Marlett 30D All Colours Belong in Nature: Inclusive Outdoor Education to Support Student Wellness and Racial Equity Zoom Room 83Speaker Hira • Jaclyn Angotti ** KEYNOTE DOCUMENTARY: The Wisdom of Trauma - Dr. Gabor Maté Pre-RecordedWisdom Trauma • Dr. Gabor Maté ** Reduce, Reuse, Rehearsal! Zoom Room 95David Snider 30D Your Schoolyard is a Learning Environment for Numeracy, Literacy and Other Subjects - Grades 5 to 8 Zoom Room 64Jen Yersh (Moderator) • Kathy Worobec 30D From Anxiety to Empowerment: Engaging Secondary Students in Climate Solutions Zoom Room 71Amy Van Vliet (Moderator) • Marie Tremblay 30D Setting up Mentoring Initiatives as a Strategy to Support Social Emotional Wellbeing Zoom Room 81Caroline Gosling ! Développer les habiletés orales par le jeu : Partie 2 Zoom Room 88Marie-Josee Fortier 30D Bâtir une communauté de lecteurs grâce au cercle de lecture! Zoom Room 84Jason Belzile ! Self-Reflexology for less stress, more relaxation, and better sleep Zoom Room 90Katalin Mackenzie ** Support Your Emotional Well Being & Your Students During Uncertain Times Zoom Room 70Amanda Caporicci (Moderator) • Susan Agrios 30D Words Matter! Promoting a positive relationship with food Zoom Room 65Corrinne Fraser (Moderator) • Cyndi Adams • Carley O'Kane 30D Word Power: Helping Children Understand Words Pre-RecordedDarren Michalczuk 30D Pun-ny for your Thoughts: The Art of Wordplay Pre-RecordedMiranda Krogstad 30D Re-imagining Jr High Math units by training student thought patterns Pre-RecordedPaul Marlett 30D The Psalms, Air Pods, and God Pre-RecordedGerard McLarney 30D Maki(Ng) Science Wizardry Magic! Pre-RecordedMichael Ng 30D My Data Is Out Of Date Before I Can Write It Up! Zoom Room 73Amrit Nannan (Moderator) • Barry Edgar ** Holocaust Studies; A New LDC- one year in Zoom Room 76Marcy Rogers (Moderator) • Lindsay Anderson 30D Crayola Collage Cards Pre-RecordedSally Towers-Sybblis 30D Engaging the Disengaged Student - FULL VIDEO IS NOW AVAILABLE Zoom Room 69Yvonne Toney • Caroline Buzanko

2:00pm MST

30D Anyone Can Draw A Portrait Zoom Room 77Alison England (Moderator) • Bogdan Konikowski ! Increasing Student Resilience ATA SessionDr. Melissa Steeves • Joanne Papdopoulos 30D Grow into STEM activities with Micro:bits ATA Staff SessionDaniel Maas ** Making Learning Visible: Student Photo Books Zoom Room 68Lesley Gibson (Moderator) • Kristy Wolfe 30D Dimensions of Wellbeing Zoom Room 82A. Grace Martin 30D How to Say No Zoom Room 66Ashley Neefe (Moderator) • Julianne Harvey ! Indigenous Education Resources: Where Do I Start? ATA SessionStacey Running Rabbit • Gretchen Riel 30D Visual Verses: Literary & Visual Arts Fusion Zoom Room 79Miranda Krogstad 30D Help! I Need Ideas for K-3 Music Pre-RecordedJoyce Holoboff 30D HANDBALL IN A DAY Pre-RecordedPaul Marlett 30D Feelin’ HOT HOT HOT! Intro to Latin Dance. Zoom Room 93Kathy McElroy (Moderator) • Paul Marlett 30D Let’s Double Down on Quality Health and Physical Education Pre-RecordedEver Active Schools • Health and Physical Education Council ! Resume Bootcamp Zoom Room 89John-Mark Crane ** Dealing with Grief, Naturally Pre-RecordedSusanne Heaton ** Sacred Scripture and Storytelling Pre-RecordedKathleen Nguyen 30D L'évaluation au service de l'apprentissage : des stratégies concrètes Zoom Room 85Laurie Couture ** The Benefits of Visualizing, Verbalizing and Verifying in Literacy and Numeracy Zoom Room 86Kim Tackaberry • Wanda Dechant ! Teaching Styles and Lesson Planning for the 21st Century Classroom Zoom Room 91Maria Dumitrescu-Millar ! Lively Letters Program Zoom Room 92Sherisse Dawe • Shirley Novak 30D Maki(Ng) Green Science Fun, Safe and Not Safe! Pre-RecordedMichael Ng 30D Maki(Ng) Science Big (fun)! Pre-RecordedMichael Ng

3:00pm MST

** Music Educators Coffee Time - A chance to meet with other Music Educators Zoom Room 65Michael Shain (Moderator) • Teena Trick-Wilks 30D Positive And Negative Space Drawing/Collage Zoom Room 77Kristine Hinton (Moderator) • Bogdan Konikowski ! Culturally Responsive Teaching ATA SessionAnna-Liza Ponce • Joanne Papdopoulos 30D Educating for the Future: Why Youth Want and Need Environmental Education Zoom Room 64Amy Van Vliet (Moderator) • Shauna Kelly ! Food Explorers: Sparking curiosity with nutrition education Zoom Room 80Sarah Watson (Moderator) • Mary Block • Jaclyn Chute 30D ASEBP Benefit Overview Presentation Zoom Room 76Eileen Clarkson (Moderator) • Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan (ASEBP) • Tenjie Wilson 30D The Essential System to Mastering Teacher Burnout Zoom Room 82A. Grace Martin 30D Humane Education - Creating a Caring Classroom Zoom Room 74Bev Hohenwarter (Moderator) • Don Seller 30D COVID-19's "Parallel Pandemic;" The Mental Health Impact Zoom Room 73Amanda Caporicci (Moderator) • Wade Sorochan ! The Sixties Scoop: Understanding Implications & Contributing towards Reconciliation ATA SessionLeslee Mills • Crystal Clark 30D Play on Words - Primary Literacy Games for Centers and Whole Class Instruction Zoom Room 68Andre Pollard (Moderator) • Jane Felling 30D Using EdTech to Increase Capacity to Support Social and Emotional Learning Pre-RecordedAmi Shah 30D Seventy-Five Purposeful and Engaging Physical Education Activities in a Covid-Safe Environment Pre-RecordedJohn Byl 30D Do you have what it takes? The importance of grit to career satisfaction Zoom Room 71Lindsay Fagan (Moderator) • Mae Kroeis 30D Looking Ahead to New ADVENTURES Zoom Room 66Amrit Nannan (Moderator) • Alberta Retired Teachers' Association • Gordon Cumming 30D Using EdTech to enhance your teaching of Contemporary Issues Pre-RecordedSherri Ross

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