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Thursday, February 24

8:59am MST

11:00am MST

30D Fabulous Abstract Paintings Zoom Room 77Michael Shain (Moderator) • Bogdan Konikowski 30D Make do and mend – using recycled and natural materials in the classroom Zoom Room 66Ashley Neefe (Moderator) • Stephanie Alcock 30D History of Residential Schools, and Classroom Resources for Teachers Zoom Room 63Eileen Clarkson (Moderator) • Kerry Aiken 30D Winning at the Money Game Zoom Room 81Mike Ong-Padilla • Susan Farrell 30D Simple Practices for a Joyful Retirement Zoom Room 79Marcy Rogers (Moderator) • Danny Bateman 30D Science for Young Citizens: Environmental Action in Every Class Zoom Room 65Lesley Gibson (Moderator) • Grace Wark • Jaclyn Angotti 30D An epidemic of family violence and isolation: Implications of COVID-19 on LGBTQ+ youth and what teachers can do about it Zoom Room 69Grace Bogowicz • Tonya Callaghan • Wayne Lorenz (Moderator) 30D Creating a Sustainable Future Together: Engaging Elementary Students in Climate Solutions Zoom Room 71Amy Van Vliet (Moderator) • Marie Tremblay 30D Your Schoolyard is a Learning Environment for Numeracy, Literacy and Other Subjects - K to 4 Zoom Room 64Kristi Muir (Moderator) • Kathy Worobec 30D Engaging Board Games for Grades K-2 Zoom Room 94Daniel Patterson • Meaghan Patterson 30D Supporting Students’ Mental Well-Being through Mentoring Zoom Room 84Caroline Gosling 30D La litéracie structurée - comment aider tout vos élèves à lire Zoom Room 93Andre Pollard (Moderator) • Annie Fofonoff 30D Wild Wellness, it’s in YOUR nature Zoom Room 83Jaclyn Angotti • Sheri Tarrington 30D The Talking Feather - Learn the legend and make your own Zoom Room 85Jill McDonald • Heather John 30D Addition and Subtraction Math Games - Back to the Basics for Primary Operations Zoom Room 78Kristine Hinton (Moderator) • Lori Triplett 30D Hands On Activities For Science 20 Zoom Room 73Bev Hohenwarter (Moderator) • Barry Edgar

12:00pm MST

1:00pm MST

30D Canadian North: Ted Harrison Exciting Art Project Zoom Room 77Lesley Gibson (Moderator) • Bogdan Konikowski 30D Finding Wild: Place-based Teaching and Learning Zoom Room 66Stacey Doikas (Moderator) • Barbara Calabrese 30D Overcome Perfectionism Zoom Room 85A. Grace Martin 30D Write On: Hands-On Activities To Get Your Students Going Zoom Room 79Miranda Krogstad 30D Net Zero Housing Construction - Introduction Zoom Room 75Ryan Hatch • CRAIG LERBEKMO 30D Werklund School of Education Undergraduate Student Poster Display on Interdisciplinary Learning and STEM Education Zoom Room 74Gloria Hunter (Moderator) • Cynthia Prasow 30D All Colours Belong in Nature: Inclusive Outdoor Education to Support Student Wellness and Racial Equity Zoom Room 83Speaker Hira • Jaclyn Angotti 30D Your Schoolyard is a Learning Environment for Numeracy, Literacy and Other Subjects - Grades 5 to 8 Zoom Room 64Jen Yersh (Moderator) • Kathy Worobec 30D From Anxiety to Empowerment: Engaging Secondary Students in Climate Solutions Zoom Room 71Amy Van Vliet (Moderator) • Marie Tremblay 30D Setting up Mentoring Initiatives as a Strategy to Support Social Emotional Wellbeing Zoom Room 81Caroline Gosling 30D Bâtir une communauté de lecteurs grâce au cercle de lecture! Zoom Room 84Jason Belzile 30D Words Matter! Promoting a positive relationship with food Zoom Room 65Corrinne Fraser (Moderator) • Cyndi Adams • Carley O'Kane 30D My Data Is Out Of Date Before I Can Write It Up! Zoom Room 73Amrit Nannan (Moderator) • Barry Edgar 30D Engaging the Disengaged Student - FULL VIDEO IS NOW AVAILABLE Zoom Room 69Yvonne Toney • Caroline Buzanko

2:00pm MST

3:00pm MST

Friday, February 25

9:00am MST

30D The Assessment of Student Understanding of Alberta Learner Outcomes Zoom Room 69Andre Pollard (Moderator) • AAC Facilitator (TBA) 30D Math intervention made easy with Cross-Number Puzzles Zoom Room 73Kristine Hinton (Moderator) • Roni Kraut 30D Rhythm and 'Uke (Elementary Music) Zoom Room 81Christina O'Brien 30D Staying Sane! Principles for Survival in the Classroom Zoom Room 63Alison England (Moderator) • Danny Bateman • Alison 30D Le croquinote (sketchnote) en classe : pour VOIR les apprentissages de vos élèves Zoom Room 84Laurie Couture 30D The Future is Female: Preparing Students for the Next Decade Zoom Room 65Lindsay Fagan (Moderator) • Julianne Harvey 30D Lessening The Burden of Anxiety and Trauma Pre-RecordedNoella Piquette 30D Boost your Productivity & Life Satisfaction with the Sunday Review Zoom Room 72Bev Hohenwarter (Moderator) • Christina Marlett 30D Managing Emotional Eating Zoom Room 71Ashley Neefe (Moderator) • Kelly Gormley • Shannon Josey 30D Exploring Sustainability Through an Indigenous Lens: Getting Started with Your Students Zoom Room 66Yvonne Toney • Marie Tremblay • Donna Ross 30D Overcoming Innumeracy: How Do We Talk About Mathematics? Zoom Room 64Kristi Muir (Moderator) • Jennifer Ferguson 30D Rebuilding Kindergarten Numeracy Concepts after a Year of Covid.. K - 1 Zoom Room 62Lisa Murphy (Moderator) • Lori Triplett 30D Making The Invisible Visible Zoom Room 67Gloria Hunter (Moderator) • Barry Edgar 30D Can We Pass a Basic Energy Literacy Test? What About Our Students? Zoom Room 74Wayne Lorenz (Moderator) • Kathy Worobec 30D Designing Your K-2 Literacy Program Zoom Room 82Michelle Bence • Miriam Ramzy

10:00am MST

11:00am MST

30D The What, How, and Why Behind Creating Authentic Assessments Zoom Room 75Denise Saunderson (Moderator) • AAC Facilitator (TBA) 30D Harbouring Hope | honing the gift of hanging on Zoom Room 81Peter Hill 30D Building Mastery of Basic Math Facts Zoom Room 73Amrit Nannan (Moderator) • Roni Kraut 30D Nurturing our Wellness Through Connected Communities Zoom Room 64Yvonne Toney • Kathleen Robertson • Lorna Hewson 30D The Great Migration - Interactive Source Based Discovery Zoom Room 66Kathy McElroy (Moderator) • Joanna Zakus • Nicholle Morrison 30D Soutenez votre intention pédagogique avec les outils de La Digitale Zoom Room 84Audrey Miller 30D Making the Shift from Feedback to Feedforward Zoom Room 69Wayne Lorenz (Moderator) • Cheryl Babin 30D Crafting Safe Spaces for Authentic Connection Zoom Room 68Bev Hohenwarter (Moderator) • Julianne Harvey 30D Nutrition in the Classroom - Ways to Engage Students with Nutrition Activities - max 50 participants Zoom Room 70Ryan Hatch • Cyndi Adams • Dabin Choi 30D Nutrition Myths Zoom Room 63Eileen Clarkson (Moderator) • Carley O'Kane • Aldara MacKay-MPH RD 30D The Art of Courageous Self Care: How to Ease the Guilt, Tame the Critic & Find Time for You Zoom Room 72Ashley Neefe (Moderator) • Christina Marlett 30D Wear Your Weird Zoom Room 71Corrinne Fraser (Moderator) • Alicia McMane 30D Indigenous Mentoring in Schools and Youth Programs Zoom Room 65Kristi Muir (Moderator) • Tanya Tourangeau 30D Demonstrations for physics topics in Junior High Zoom Room 67Amanda Caporicci (Moderator) • Barry Edgar 30D The Anxiety Compass: Helping Students Tame Anxiety Gremlins-VIDEO IS AVAILABLE Zoom Room 76Susan Paton • Caroline Buzanko 30D Igniting Students Creative Potential Zoom Room 83Garfield Gini-Newman 30D To Behave or Not to Behave - Proactive Support for Students with Behavioural Challenges Zoom Room 74Michael Shain (Moderator) • Darci Fulton • Myka Piekenbrock

1:00pm MST


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